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The Center for Earth & Space Science Education Newsletter - Spring 2012

Volume 12, Issue 2
Summer 2012

Thank you for your active involvement in the Center for Earth & Space Science Education. In this quarterly newsletter, we will talk about upcoming exhibits and events, the summer schedule, and our gift shop. We also have a "Meet the Staff" section. 


Clear skies!  


Dr. Tom Hooten,

Director, Center for Earth & Space Science Education

Gift Shop


Always wanted to bring home your own piece of the Center? Now you can! Starting today, we have souvenirs and gifts available for our visitors to purchase. This will include items such as books, astronaut ice cream, telescopes (including a free telescope lesson), and lots of other fun stuff!  


Available starting today, June 5th! 
(Located in the lobby)

Want to get more out of visiting the planetarium? Become a member!
Summer Camps


Are you ready for an adventure? This June and August, the Center for Earth & Space Science Education will be holding camps for children of all ages! Join us for a week of hands-on fun, education, and a lot more!


For more information on dates and how to register, check out our website


 Check out the
blog for more frequent updates!


Egypt: Myths and Mummies

Interested in mummies, pharaohs, gods, or one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Starting today, June 5th, the Center for Earth & Space Science Education is proud to present a new exhibit: Egypt: Myths and Mummies. The exhibit will feature Egyptian statues, a replica of a tomb, CT scans of mummies, "What Does a Mummy Smell Like," and even mummies in pop culture!   


With this exhibit also comes "Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies," a planetarium show featuring an inside look at the discovery of the tomb of the most powerful Egyptian pharaoh of all time.  


The exhibit and show will only be available from June 5th-August 19th, so come see it while you can! Times for the show are available online, and tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket counter when you arrive. 



Live Telescopic Viewing of Venus Transit  
Here's one last reminder that The Center for Earth & Space Science Education will be holding a live telescopic viewing of Venus transiting the Sun. But what is the transit of Venus? Basically, it's when Venus passes directly between our planet and the sun (which we see in our sky as a small dot gliding over the sun). In the past, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system. 


One of the stranger things about the transit of Venus is how often it occurs. Prior to 2004, the last transit was in 1882. So that makes the time between transits 121 ½ years between 1882 and 2004, then 8 years between 2004 and 2012 (now). After this year's transit, there will be a span of 105 ½ years until the next one, and then another eight years until the next one after that. Then the pattern repeats (121 ½ , 8, 105 ½ , 8).


Since after this year, it won't be until 2117 that another transit of Venus will occur, this is the last chance in our lifetimes for you to see it. If you'd like to observe the spectacle with us, we have a video and will be providing appropriate glasses for everyone in attendance today, June 5th. Don't miss out!  

Summer Schedule

Looking for a place to get your head out of the sun? Come visit us at the Center for Earth and Space Science Education! In honor of the season, this summer, we're open earlier and for longer!  
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: Open at 10:30am, Close at 5pm
Sunday: Open at 12:30pm, Close at 5pm 
This schedule began on June 1st and will go all the way through August 19th. For more information on specific show times and ticket purchase, visit our website

Upcoming Events: 

Egypt show and exhibit grand opening, live telescopic viewing of Venus transiting the Sun 

June 5th

Egypt camp

June 24th-30th

Mars Science Lab camp 

August 5th-11th 

Perseids meteor shower 

August 12th

Last day to see Egypt exhibit and show 

August 19th

Grand opening of Suited for Space exhibit 

August 25th

Autumnal Equinox 

September 22nd 

Total eclipse of the sun 

November 13th  

Last day to see Suited for Space exhibit

November 18th  

Grand opening of Maya exhibit 

November 27th  

Meet the Staff

Robert Parish,
Assistant Director, Center for Earth & Space Science Education

Robert Parish received his masters in Physics and Astronomy from Stephen F. Austin State University. While in school, he worked for many years both teaching astronomy labs and researching at SFA's observatory. He took the position of Assistant Director at the Center for Earth & Space Science Education in December 2011. 


In previous years, Robert spent much of his time at the old Hudnall Planetarium and served as the president of the Astronomical Society of East Texas. As the Assistant Director he now sets up upcoming exhibits and shows and runs the day-to-day operations of the Center. In his spare time, Robert makes films and likes to read and write. 


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